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Engineering - Electrical Calc Ref

Electrical Calculator Reference Electrical Calc Ref is a quick and easy reference guide for Electrical engineering Professionals and students. A Knowledge pack Reference utility for Electrical Engineering covers 60+ Electrical Calaulators , Electrical Unit convers , Electrical charts, Standards, tables, Electrical Circuit diagrams , List of electrical Inventions ..A Must have utility for every Mobile user in Electrical field.

Available in Google play for android devices

Product Description

A powerful knowledge pack utility for Electrical Engineering .

65 + Electrical Calculator
160+ Electrical Unit converter
20 Electrical Constants, Standards , Tables
115+ Electrical Circuit Diagrams with description
230+ Electrical Inventions list with description


Electrical Calculator Reference includes the following list of Topics

Electrical Calculations Electrical Unit Converter

65+ Electrical Calculators

Capacitive Energy
Capacitor Charge
Cylindrical Capacitor
Plate Capacitor
DC Inductor Voltage
Inductive Energy
Parallel Capacitance
RC Transient
RL Transient
Series Inductance
Series Resistance
Coulombs Law
Resonant LC Freq
Parallel Inductance
Parallel Resistance
Series Capacitance
Motor - Horsepower
Motor - Speed of a induction motor
Motor - Braking Torque
Motor - Torque
AC Circuits - Power Factor
AC - Kilowatts Single Phase
AC - Kilowatts Two Phase
AC - Kilowatts Three Phase
DC - Kilowatts
AC - KiloVolt Amperes kVA single phase
AC - KiloVolt Amperes kVA Two phase
AC - KiloVolt Amperes kVA Three phase
AC - Amperes (kW known) single phase
AC - Amperes (kW known) Two phase
AC - Amperes (kW known) Three phase
DC - Amperes (kW known)
AC - Amperes (motor hp known) single phase
AC - Amperes (motor hp known) Two phase
AC - Amperes (motor hp known) Three phase
DC - Amperes (motor hp known)
AC - Amperes (kVA known) single phase
AC - Amperes (kVA known) Two phase
AC - Amperes (kVA known) Three phase
AC - Horsepower single phase
AC - Horsepower Two phase
AC - Horsepower Three phase
DC - Horsepower
AC - Energy Efficiency Single Phase
AC - Energy Efficiency Three Phase
DC - Electric Power
Coil - Air Core Coil Inductance
AC Circuits - Electromotive Force
AC Circuits - CRMS Voltage Peak
AC Circuits - Average Voltage
AC Circuits - Potential Difference
AC Circuits - Capacitive Reactance
AC Circuits - Inductive Reactance
Ohms Law - Current
Ohms Law - Voltage
Ohms Law - Resistance
Elec. Transport - Electric current density
Elec. Transport - Electric dipole moment
Electric field
Wire - resistance
Wire - Inductance / Inductor of Straight wire
Solenoid Magnetic Field
Straight Wire Magnetic Field
Toroid Magnetic Field

160+ Electrical unit converters

Electric Charge
Electrical Resistance
Electrical Resistivity
Electrical Capacitance
Electrical Conductivity
Electrical Field
Electrical Current
Electrical Inductance
Electrical Potential
Linear Current Density
Charge Density
Surface Current Density
Surface Charge Density
































Electrical Constants Standards Tables Circuit Diagrams
AWG - Copper - Properties,
AWG - Aluminum - Properties,
AWG - Carbon Steel - Properties,
AWG - Electrical Steel - Properties,
AWG - Nichrome - Properties,
AWG - Nickel - Properties,
AWG - Silver - Properties,
Dielectric Constants at 20°C,
MOTOR - AC NEMA Frame Dimensions (inches),
MOTOR - AC NEMA Starter Sizes ,
MOTOR NEMA Mounting Dimensions,
MOTOR IEC Frame Dimensions,
MOTOR Three-Phase Full Load AMPS,
MOTOR Three-Phase Full Load Current,
Resistor color code constants,
Resistivity & Temperature Coefficient at 20°C,
Temperature Rating of Conductor,
Conduit size
Measurement Device
Power Supplies
Radio Device






This version is for android smartphone devices and need minimum 10 mb memory
This application was designed using android SDK .